Musk ox safari in Dovrefjell


Join the musk ox safari in Dovrefjell

Furuhaugli organizes guided Musk ox safari in Dovrefjell every day from 20th May to 20th September. We can also organize safaris all year upon request. See our booking for prices. 

During the summer, the trip begins with a briefing/information about the animal and the safari before we drive together to the starting point before we head into the National Park.

We hike through majestic nature, and you’ll also be able to see exciting biology, wildlife, birds and traces of both military and mining operations at Hjerkinn.

When we find the animals, we’ll take a break so that you’ll get the opportunity to both watch and photograph the «King of Dovrefjell mountain» before we hike back to our cars.

We have authorised musk ox guides that ensure that you’ll be safe and have a great experience.


Adults NOK 495, children under 13 years NOK 250.

The tour must be booked no later than 9 PM the day before. Use our online booking, or text or call +47 924 44 831.

At 09 AM at Furuhaugli.

4-6 hours.

You need your own car, good shoes, warm clothes and a packed lunch.


Elk safari


Join the elk safari this summer

Furuhaugli organizes guided elk/moose safaris every evening from 15th June to 15th August. 

We start with a briefing/information before you drive your own car from the meeting point and out «hunting» for elks. Our guides now where the animals usually can be found, and they always do their best to find them. Sometimes the safari goes through Dovrefjell, and sometimes in the woods surrounding Lesja and Dombås.

When we find the animals, we stay around as long as possible, until they move on. Hopefully we get a chance of a close-up photo of the «King of the Forest».

The elk can be shy, and it can move over long distances, so we won’t always be able to find the animals, but our guides always do their best to ensure that you get a great nature experience.


Adults NOK 395, children under 13 years NOK 200.

The tour must be booked no later than 2 PM the same day. Use our online booking or text or call + 47 924 44 831.

The elk is active in the evening and therefore we must be too. You’ll receive more information about the meetup when you book, but the safaris normally start beween 7 og 9 PM.
2-3 hours.

You’ll need your own car, good shoes and warm clothes.