Almost 90 years of tradition at Dovrefjell

In 1930, the first tourists stopped at Furuhaugli. They were moving their animals from the farm in Dombås up to the summer farm in Dovrefjell. Grandma Olga ran the place, ant the very first guests rented a cabin for NOK 1 per bed.

It became evident that Olga needed to expand, and she built a new cabin with two bedrooms and a kitchen. 

In 1952, there was a greater demand for dining, and the second-generation hosts, Anne and Ola, decided to open a café that could accommodate 18 guests. During the winter, they built cabins for the guests arriving next summer.
During the 1970s, the summer farm operations were dropped because an increasing number of tourists were visiting Dovrefjell.

In 1898, Anne and Ola left the responsibility for the farm in Dombås to their eldest son and they moved permanently to Dovrefjell. Ever since Furuhaugli has been open all year.

In the 1990s, there came several major changes. Anne and Ola built a new café with dining room, bar, living room with open fire place, reception and a private apartment.

In 2000, Inger-Lise and Stein was given the responsibility for running the mountain lodge. Larger cabins were built to make room for kitchen and bathroom. An increasing number of tourists visited us, and we built 8 new cabins catering for the increasing demands for creature comforts.

The camp sites were also updated, and we made a playground and space for a bonfire.
In 2013, we started offering Musk ox and Elk/moose safaris, which our guests appreciate.

In 2016, we opened Norway's smallest brewery.

And finally in beginning of 2018, six new and modern motel rooms were built to welcome the tourists of the future.
The next generation has also begun to show interest. Their interest in maintenance and cooking shows that Furuhaugli will remain also in the future.

Welcome to the Kingdom of the musk ox!