Norway's smallest brewery


1007 meters above sea level you’ll find Norway's smallest brewery. Furuhaugli Nanobryggeri is a craft brewery in every sense of the word – we do everything by hand.

We use local ingredients whenever possible. In the restaurant, you’ll always find a selection of our products.

We only brew 500 litres a year, and you can only taste our products when you visit Furuhaugli. From time to time we also arrange beer tastings and brewer’s dinners. Follow us on Facebook for more information.

Our beers


Most types are available at Furuhaugli all year round, but due to demand we can’t offer any guarantees.

Unfortunately, the advertising ban in Norway does not allow us to write anything more about our various beers. Contact us for more information.


Stein Pedersen runs the brewery with a steady hand. He is an experienced brewer with big plans for Norway’s smallest brewery.

You can contact him by calling +47 924 44 831 or at